Craig Terry - caterer

The club wish to announce that Craig Terry will be leaving the club as of Thursday 7th September.

Craig's quality of food has been excellent, but after a review by both parties it was agreed that the current set up was not viable in the long term.  We have therefore agreed to amicably part ways.

Craig will still be available for any upcoming functions as the club consider the next steps. This ensures there will be no break in service and the quality of the menu and food will still be at the levels expected at the club.

In the short term the club will take control of the non-function catering.  Alana will be staying on to carry out this service, which we are delighted about. 



Visitor Prices

  • Off-peak special prices available from Pro-Shop
  • Single Round (Mon - Fri)  £35
  • Day Ticket     (Mon - Fri)  £45
  • Single Round (Sunday)    £40
  • Discounted Rate (when available)  £Call
  • Guest Rate (signed on by Member)  £12


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